On Stage at FinCon

My name is Eric Rosenberg.  I am an MBA graduate at the University of Denver and a full time financial analyst.  I maintain several blogs including my flagship site Narrow Bridge Finance. Through my years of blogging, I have created more than a dozen of my own sites and persistently worked to do everything myself. I did my own designs, CSS and PHP tweaks, server moves, domain name changes, SSL installations, writing, editing, graphics, monitizing, social media, and even bookkeeping. I did everything myself to keep my web businesses (and hobbies) going strong.

In all that time, I learned a lot. So I started helping a few friends build their websites. I helped Josh with his non-profit site. Then I helped Michelle move her site from Blogger to WordPress. Then I built sites for a couple more non-profits in Denver.

Now I build websites for great brands and businesses. I have worked with small and medium sized companies, silicon valley start ups, bloggers, and even a pro-wrestling legend. Each customer gets a fully customized experience to ensure that their project, whether it is a new website, adding a blog, a fresh design, or site maintenance, ends up exactly how they want.

Want to learn more? Browse the site or drop me a note through the contact form for more information or just to say hi. I look forward to helping your business reach its online potential with the Narrow Bridge Media touch!